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Paving Stone Installation in Kirkland

Choose Pavage Global Inc. in Kirkland for our high-quality paving and renovation work. Did you know that investments in landscaping pay back the most? You can potentially double your return on investment, thereby adding value to your home. If you need a solid surface for your entryway or an aesthetic and safe place to relax by the pool, installing high-quality paving stones is a foundation that will last several years.

We offer:

Paved alleys and paths

Walls and fences

Patios and wooden floors

Garden decoration and rock gardens

Pergolas and gazebos

The benefits of paving stones:

Optimal protection and insulation

Separation of areas



Call us now if you want to beautify your outdoor environment with our professional paving service.

Paving stone laying
Paving stone laying and flowers on the corner
Paving stone laying
Paving stone laying

Professional Asphalting

Opt for our asphalt paving service for your driveway.

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